About us

Location & Adress:

Ibn Hayyan Pharmaceuticals is located in a beautiful green area (Hadidat Al-Assi area), about 10 km from Homs city, on the highway, south of the intersection of Homs – Latakia road with Aleppo – Damascus road.


The building is designed and implemented to meet Good Manufacturing Practice GMP requirements, with a floor area of about 20,000 square meters followed by an area of over 45,000 square meters to meet the development and expansion needs.

Production Lines

Ibn Hayyan Laboratory includes the following production lines:

·         Ampoule & Vial

·         Penicillins (Tablets – Capsules – Dry Syrup)

·         Cephalosporins (Tablets, Capsules, Dry Syrup)

·         Dermic Ointments and Creams

·         Eye Ointments

·         Regular, coated and Delayed-Release Tablets

·         Capsules

·         Suppositories

·         Syrups

·         Ear drops

·         Inhaled Anesthetic

These production lines are equipped with the latest technology and machines, most of which are automated with very large capacities. Ibn Hayyan list of products includes a wide range of pharmaceutical Products that are expanding every year.

An experienced and trained scientific and technical staff supervised the operation, monitoring and maintenance of these devices.

Quality Control Department:

This section includes laboratories for biological, physical, chemical analysis, and automated analysis. The following conditions are necessary for the success of control:

Experienced, competent, trained and scientific staff.
Sophisticated & Modern analysis and monitoring equipments.
Freedom of decision to reject or accept (raw materials, semi- manufactured substances, and final preparations).

Quality Assurance

The concepts of Quality Assurance means building the quality and confirm it at every step of production, not just analyzing the final product.

Based on this concept, the company is keen to apply good manufacturing practices GMP at all levels, and implemented quality management system ISO 9000. It was one of the first companies that obtained ISO 9001 certificate and also was the first company that got the certificate ISO 14001 for environmental management systems and a certificate of conformity OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health and Safety.

German company TÜVCERT has awarded these certificates, which is famous on a European and international level.

Certificates of conformity culminated in 2008 when the company obtained PIC/S certificate, which means that Ibn Hayyan Pharmaceuticals meet European quality requirements and standards.

European, Gulf, and African communities has evaluated the company and all the results confirmed that the quality of the products in Ibn Hayyan is not the result of a coincidence or certain circumstances, but based on a stable system. As a result, Ibn Hayyan was able to export its products to more than 15 Arab and African Asian and European countries.