DORAJEX is what your joints need

Joints are the areas where two bones meet.  They vary from each other by their ability to move. However, they could lose their flexibility, or be injured and become painful by aging or by doing certain activities.

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis. It is usually caused by synovitis or impaired muscle function.  The main symptom is joint pain. Hence relieving the pain is the main goal of therapy.

DORAJEX is what your joints need.

DORAJEX consists of Glucosamine sulfate, the Glucosamine salt that has statically significant effects in the treatment of OA.

Glucosamine sulfate in DORAJEX help restoration and reducing the inflammation of the cartilage. In addition, studies demonstrate that only Glucosamine sulfate among other Glucosamine salts led to 52% decrease in the risk of using NSAIDs when used for more than 4 months.

DORAJEX also consists of Ginko biloba leaves extract. This plant has a long history in medical usage. It has memory enhancing and anti-inflammatory effects. It also improves blood flow and reduces capillary permeability. Hence, it improves blood perfusion in muscles and sexual performance.

DORAJEX help rebuiling of damaged cartilages and improves muscles’ blood perfusion.

DORAJEX relieves your pain and improves your quality of life.