Packing :70 g.
Form : Gel
Theraputic Categories : Gastro-Intestinal Drugs
Indications : anti-flatulent
Composition :Dimethicone 150 mg./g.

COMPOSITION:  Each 70 g. contains: Methylpolysiloxane 10.5 g.


Polysan ( Methylpolysiloxane ) exerts a defoaming effect by forming a protective silicone gel layer which has the properties of acid resistance and also against the irritant nutritional, food materials which causes the gastric indigestion.

Polysan reduces the surface tension of gas bubbles causing them to coalesce and consequently elimination of air, gases, and foam produced in the stomach.

Polysan has no effect on the absorption of drugs in the intestine, and does not alter the gastric pH.

Polysan has a pleasant taste, the gel may be taken without water, diabetic patients should be aware that Polysan gel contains sugar.


Polysan is used in the treatment of gastro-intestinal disturbances associated with:

– Flatulence.

– Gastric ulcer.

– Dyspepsia.

– Reflux oesophagitis and gastritis.

– Hyperacidity ( heart burn(.

– Pregnancy heart burn.

– Hiatal hernia.

– Preparation for the G.I.T. x-ray investigations prior to roentgenography and gastroscopy by eliminating the gases and air bubbles from the G.I.T.



The usual dosage is one tablespoon 3 times daily before meals, may be repeated when necessary.

PACKING: Polysan gel tube of 70 g.

STORAGE: Store at temperature (2-30) º C.

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